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"Very, Very, Well Done! Bravo!!! Music, face shots of speakers are all beautiful as well as the music and pictorial accompaniments... it is outstanding."

Dr. Stephen Royal Jackson, Clinical and Child Psychologist, Former MSNBC Correspondent, Author

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"When I first sat down to watch The Road to Armageddon, I had no idea what to expect. Was it an end of the world film? Is Armageddon finally coming as so many have predicted? As a person who has studied the Bible and its revelations, as well as other religious treatise on end of the world prophecies, I looked forward to seeing what this film had to offer. Suffice it to say, I was riveted. No, it was not an end of the world scenario. What was presented was a metaphysical and spiritual work on the potential of each individual soul's personal apocalypse, and how it is directly related to the future of earth.

'The Road to Armageddon' forces people to look at themselves, and examine who they are on the inside. Although we have heard it, know it and have been told by the ancient and spiritual leaders of old, this life is not all there is. This film shows that where we end up after death has everything to do with who we are on the inside and the love we show others. It is a simple message. However, the journey of self-discovery is complicated. It is a journey that can be repeated over and over until we learn the lessons we have come to master here in this world. It is complicated because we attempt to achieve this in a world that has both light and dark forces. The interviewees in the film basically remind us of who we are, which is a part of the divine, and that we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world to be better, reach higher and stretch ourselves to grow and evolve in love.

The interviewees in the film, who include Marilynn Hughes, (Writer, Publisher on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism), Howard Storm (American author, best known for the book My Descent Into Death) and others, have spent years on their own paths and their spiritual evolution and now encourage others to do the same. They recognize what it takes to exist here, and how to get out of this life as a healthy, happy entity that is able to move on past the negativity of this world. Yes, there is light. Yes, there are angels. Yes, God exists. But that does not guarantee that we will grow and evolve spiritually because the dark side is always there to try to prevent us.

This film is powerful and thought-provoking. I highly recommend it to all people seeking answers to questions related to God, the universe, spirituality, and our eventuality."

Constance Victoria Briggs, Author of 'The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World'