"I can't over-emphasize the importance of the line of the ancient sacred texts because they exist in every world religion and they really are a mystical pathway to take you to the point where you no longer need the experience of a mortal realm. And the people who wrote them are the ones who crossed over and left those words behind for us so we would know the way." -- Marilynn Hughes

Sacred texts are the road maps that guide us on our spiritual journey. They serve as inspiration, warn of danger and give nourishment to the soul. No matter what your religion or beliefs, these books are certain to ignite the divine spark that lies at the core of each and every one of us (the Bhagavad Gita is an excellent one to start with):

The ASCENT OF MT. CARMEL (Christianity) - pdf, doc, html
The BHAGAVAD GITA (Hinduism) - pdf, doc, html
The DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL (Christianity) - pdf, doc, html
The DIALOGUES OF ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA (Christianity) - pdf, doc, html
The HIDDEN WORDS (Baha'i) - pdf, doc, html
The HOLY TEACHING OF VIMALAKIRTI (Buddhism) - pdf, doc, html
The IHYA ULUM AL'DIN - VOL. 1 (Islam) - pdf, doc, html
The SEVEN VALLEYS AND THE FOUR VALLEYS (Baha'i) - pdf, doc, html
The SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES (Mystery Religions) - pdf, doc, html
The SPIRITUAL LIFE (Christianity) - pdf, doc, html
The UPANISHADS (Hinduism) - pdf, doc, html